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Chiropractic Simplified

What does a chiropractor do? All chiropractors are trained to look for areas of the spine which no longer function properly. What they are looking for are restrictions, fixated areas, or areas with too much mobility. By having areas which do not move properly abnormal stresses are placed on the structures of the body; which in turn often develop into symptomatic problems.

Chiropractic Adjustment: A gentle technique used by doctors of chiropractic to restore normal spinal motion thereby reducing stress on adjacent structures. Dr. Oliver is trained in several adjusting techniques. Since all patients may have slightly different needs this allows him to more effectively treat the individual.

Are all chiropractors the same? No. Besides looking for areas of problematic movement some chiropractors have taken extra schooling to become specialists in different techniques and or methods of treatment. These range from nutrition to spinal rehabilitation.

How does Dr. Oliver practice? Like all chiropractors he is very skilled at determining what areas of the body are moving properly and which are not.  He has also become specialized and highly trained in chiropractic rehabilitation which involves the use of corrective/therapeutic exercises. Many people would consider this similar to what a physical therapist does with exercises therapy. However it is far more to it than simply telling someone to do exercises. Research has shown that the way a person moves is critical in determining why they are experiencing the things they are. Dr. Oliver is trained to assess specific movements so he can tailor a treatment plan that is specific to each individual. By incorporating exercises therapy with traditional chiropractic techniques he is better able to correct the real underlying problems.


99% of all drugs help cover symptoms, but do nothing for the correction of health problems.

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