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Dr David Oliver, Newton Chiropractor

Dr. David Oliver

What Our Patients Are Saying
Move Well Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Newton patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office at (617) 641-9999 if you have any questions. We also have many reviews on Google and Yelp from our patients.

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Yours in Health,

  • Dr. Oliver was thorough in his evaluation and patient in his explanations. I feel confident that I can heal with his help.
    -Julie P.
  • Dr. Oliver’s care was excellent. I’d also like to say I felt very safe in the office during the Covid era. Everyone was wearing masks, patients are asked to wash their hands with soap and water before entering the office suite, and the receptionist was careful to use a sanitizing wipe when she handed my ID cards back to me. They know how to make a new patient feel comfortable.
    -Kelly W.
  • Solution-oriented practice. Honest people.
    -Shaun F.
  • Everything was great! Dr. Oliver was nice, patient, educational and thorough. This was my first time visiting a chiropractor and I feel completely confident and encouraged after my visit.
    -Maryann S.
  • I was very pleased. I love the exercises. Been to many chiropractors, and Dr. Oliver is the best.
    -Lynne S.
  • David says it like it is and had very straight forward helpful suggestions. I can’t ask for more. Already referred someone.
    -Michael W.
  • Really liked the “down to earth” approach. Very “user friendly” practice – helpful and succinct with “homework” to help me do my part at home.
    -Donna T.
  • I have seen other chiropractors who made similar adjustments. What was special and much appreciated was the explanation of the underlying problem. I also appreciated getting three exercises to do — not too many, not too few. I have already told several people about my positive experience.
    -Lynn H.
  • Fantastic. Frankly, skeptical of chiropractors my whole life and I felt I was in excellent and caring hands the whole time. Major life changer!
    -Zoe K.

Helped me Fully Understand my Particular Issue

Thanks so much for being patient listening to all of my questions and for providing answers that helped me fully understand my particular issue. You put me at ease. Also thanks for the home exercises which are helping and empowering. I would highly recommend your practice.

Ken L.

Everyone is Communicative, Kind, and Excellent

All staff at the clinic are amazingly communicative, kind, and excellent all-around. By the end of the first session, I had a thorough understanding of all the skeletal and muscular contributions to my pain, as well as how I was perpetuating the tension. I felt educated and equipped to make decisions and accomplish my homework. Absolutely hands-down the best.

Josh W.

I Walked Out Feeling Hopeful

Kristin was so friendly and helpful. Dr. Oliver did a great job of explaining everything throughout the session. I walked out feeling hopeful that I have a proactive and actionable plan for feeling better rather than needing continuous corrective treatments.

Kira D.

Attentive & Respectful

I loved the approach taken for total body care that included the role of muscles, posture and not just bone cracking and adjustments. Dr. Oliver was attentive and respectful of my needs and concerns. It was the most positive reaction I have ever had to chiropractic care and I have been to many different practitioners and approaches over the years.

Myrna F.

Amazing Experience

This was an amazing experience. The administrative staff was on it and communicative. The Chiropractor explained everything really well and gave me things to do on my own. His skills are very clear, and it feels easy to get adjusted. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that is searching for a chiropractor, and especially for anyone that has had some bad experiences in the past with chiropractic care.

Caleb B.

Dr. Oliver is amazing!

He was so attentive and really worked to explain things in a way I understood. He gave me real-world examples of things I could do at home. The most attentive chiropractor I've ever been to! I would recommend to anyone around!

Starla C.

Excellent at Explaining Everything

Dr. Oliver is excellent at explaining everything you need about your conditions and how your body supposed to work. He listens carefully to your symptoms and works to start the recovery process. Dr. Oliver is available if you have questions. He models the type of exercises you have to do, and that is invaluable.

Alejandro M.

Dr. David is so great!

The front desk employee is super nice and personable, right when you walk in the door. Dr. David is so great! He is the first professional to give me a comprehensive list of what is actually going on, and WHY. I feel confident that I have finally found someone who can help FIX the problem instead of treat and mask it.

Kristen M.

The Doctor Cares

This is the first time where I really feel like the doctor cares about me getting better. The combination of adjustment with at-home exercises helps me better understand how to take care of my back and neck, and saves me money.

Shelby S.

The Right Doctor and the Right Office

First time for a chiropractic visit and I'm really glad I went...and that I found the right doctor and the right office. I couldn't have had a better first time visit.

Alfred C.

Left Feeling Great

I'm a 44 yr old construction worker who had never been to the chiropractor. I went to see Dr Oliver in an incredible amount of pain and left feeling great. Couldn't believe it but much appreciated.

Robert R.

Positive and Informative Appointment

Very positive and informative first appointment with helpful suggestions. I look forward to finally having a less achy back in the mornings.

Chitra W.

Best Chiropractic Experience

Definitely my best chiropractic experience so far (and I've seen 2 others)! Loved all the explanations!

Amy W.

Exceptional Chiropractor!

I was referred to this office by my son who is a prominent physician in Boston. He told me that Dr Oliver was an exceptional chiropractor. I agree. Kudos to Laura and Dr Oliver. From my first panicked call as a new patient in severe pain, everything was above my highest expectations. Laura was extremely helpful and accommodating. Laura and Dr Oliver both have a very caring, pleasant, and friendly attitude. Dr Oliver was very helpful and professional. I felt much better after my first visit. This office is not a "factory" ; each patient gets Dr Olivers personal attention. No assistants, physical therapists, EMT specialists etc as some other practices are wont to do - everything is done by Dr Oliver personally!! As a physician for 46years myself, I could asses that Dr Oliver was very knowledgeable, caring and professional. I was extremely happy with my first visit and would recommend this office very highly.

Sharad W.

Thank You!

Thank you! I feel Better already :)

Susan P.

Delighted with Dr. Oliver!

This was nothing like my many prior chiropractic experiences. He took the time to really understand my issue, and then applied a both chiropractic and physical therapy approach to resolving it.

Linda K.

Very Knowledgeable

I love that Dr. Oliver incorporates physical therapy to help strengthen the painful issues so that attending a chiropractor will not be a life long thing! I felt better after the first visit and I was very skeptical about "just having my back cracked". But after visiting with Dr. Oliver I've learned that he is very knowledgeable in his area of study and is looking to help you recover and strengthen overall for a happy and more comfortable life!

Jennifer P.

I'm Much Better

Day three after treatment and I'm much better!

Deidre O.

Thank You

Just want to say thank you.

Oscar A.

Excellent Listener

Dr. Oliver is an excellent listener, and is thorough when evaluating the issues that you make him aware of. He makes great suggestions on how to change your warm-up and cool-down routines.

Mark D.

Best Chiropractor

Best chiropractor I've been to. Very personal, very effective.

Dante C.

Very Excited By The Experience

I'm very excited by the experience I've had with Dr. Oliver. Starting with the evaluation, I felt that this was going to be a much more productive session than I've had with other chiropractors in the past. I like the idea of evaluating and putting together a plan that is constantly evolving rather then providing short term relief. So far, so good.

Rob G.

Extremely Thorough Job

Dr. Oliver did an extremely thorough job examining my entire situation prior to our first session. He explained his techniques very well and I came out of my session feeling great and well educated. The prescribed exercises are easy and very helpful too! I would highly recommend Dr. Oliver to my friends and family.

Elizabeth R.


Dr. Oliver solved my chronic Sacroiliac joint problem, which made it impossible for me to even take a few steps without pain, within a matter of weeks! He is amazing and helpful and has restored my trust in chiropractors!

Rebeckah G.

Great Listener

I find Dr. Oliver a great listener and a sensitive practitioner. Office visits always produce positive results. The follow up relief and strengthening movements he shared with me are very doable and effective. Loved learning about a new use for a tennis ball; helps relieve that knot in my back!

Elizabeth R.


I was very impressed with my first visit and am so looking forward to healing my hamstring once and for all. Thank you Dr. Oliver for the great service.

Tara M.

Very Positive

I look forward to a very positive relationship at Move Well. I am already very pleased with the direction of my care.

Rita B.


Dr. Oliver is excellent! He took the time to listen to my symptoms, performed a thorough examination and offered a sensible treatment/ exercise plan. I feel confident that by following Dr. Oliver's treatment plan and advice, I can continue to run without pain!

Susan P.

Helpful And Knowledgeable

Dr. Oliver was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was able to help alleviate some of the excruciating pain in my neck area almost immediately. Techniques were effective and I would highly recommend!

Matthew S.

Excellent Experience

Very professional, very kind and compassionate... an excellent experience for my first visit to a chiropractor.

Lucille M.

A Chiropractor Who Takes The time

David is a rare breed - A chiropractor who takes a little time with his patients and really explains how to get well rather than just trying to push them into high-frequency visits.

Christopher M.


Dr. Oliver listened to my situation and totally accepted it and treated me accordingly, with kindness and gentleness. He asked me with what method I would like to be adjusted, as he knows different ones. I have seen many chiropractors (since 1978 - I also worked for a chiropractic practice) and Dr. Oliver is very 'user friendly' and adaptable. He offers whole body attention, not just adjustments. I am very grateful to have found him and have already recommended him to several other people who asked and could benefit from his care. My neck and upper back are moving freely now!

Leslie I.

Vast Improvement

The initial visit made a vast improvement in subsiding the pain I was experiencing in my upper back and arm. Because of this it's my goal to make Dr. David Oliver's work a regular part of my overall health routine. Sitting at a desk all day has created the modern man's "sports injury." Dr. Oliver has the ability to heal the wounds of bad work/posture habits.

George B.

Great First Visit

I had a great first visit- I was impressed by the amount of time and thought that went into the evaluation. The only recommendation I can think of is to perhaps mention to folks ahead of time that they may want to wear loose clothing due to the stretches, exercises, etc. (Perhaps that is common sense, but I was just thinking "adjustment.") I'm looking forward to getting a fresh perspective on my situation! Thanks.

Jody W.

Going to See Dr Oliver is the Single Best Choice I Have Made to Improve My Health in My Whole Life

I grew up with a history of back pain in my family. Throughout my late teens, early 20s, and mid 20s my back pain had become constant. It consisted of chronic lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and upper back pain. My routine was getting up in the morning and taking a couple of Advil or Tylenol before I went to work just to help myself get through the day, but the medication would wear off and the pain was always there. I was diagnosed with migraines in my late teens and I noticed my posture get worse and worse over the next ten years. My posture affected my breathing and just overall how I felt about myself. I was dealing with a lot of stress from bad jobs and that made my back pain,posture, and migraines even worse.
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I decided by my own choice and through the urging of a close female friend as well as being constantly hounded by my mother that I had to get this taken care of. I was honestly scared to go to a chiropractor and I didn't want to go to just anyone. It needed to be someone who I trusted, someone who was recommended to me. It was by a stroke of fate and a bit of luck that my close friend had been seeing Dr. Oliver and she suggested that I go to him, just to try it out and see what would happen. I decided that this was my time to go and get some help. I didn't know what to expect at all being that I had never been to a chiropractor.

I can truly tell anyone reading this that going to see Dr. Oliver is the single best choice I have made to improve my health in my whole life. He is genuine, he listens, he cares about each patient, and it shows because I see how he is with me. He doesn't just care about my back and my posture; he cares about my overall health. The adjustments do not, I repeat, do not, hurt! They're painless and if you don't tense up and you relax, they actually feel good. Dr. Oliver doesn't just do adjustments, he assesses you and your individual issues and needs and gives you stretches and exercises to do that will strengthen your target areas in an effort to improve your overall health, posture, and in particular, your back.

I've noticed lots of changes in myself since going to see Dr. Oliver:

  1. I'm more confident as a person
  2. I'm physically stronger
  3. My posture has improved
  4. The chronic pain that I used to wake up with every day is gone
  5. I am breathing better
  6. My migraine headaches have decreased greatly
  7. I am less stressed
  8. My overall health has improved

I highly recommend Dr. Oliver, and would recommend him to anyone with back issues without hesitation.

Victoria, Freelance writer

Treatment is Very Gentle but Gets the Job Done Like No One Else I Have Ever Seen

When I came to Move Well Chiropractic I had been suffering a long time (years!) with lower back pain at night. I would fall asleep but then the pain would wake me up and I could not get back to sleep. I've tried chiropractic, massage, over the counter pain pills, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Nothing helped!

Dr. Oliver was very knowledgeable, kind, empathetic and professional. Treatment is very gentle and exercises were also recommended. I am very pleased with the care. My condition interfered with my daily walks. My legs were very stiff and hurt. Now I can walk and I feel as if Dr. Oliver gave me a new pair of legs! I have improved tremendously! I sleep through each night with no pain and I have resumed my daily walks. I am so thankful to Dr. Oliver that I can sleep 8-9 hours each night pain free! My advice to others is to not be afraid of chiropractic, especially Dr. Oliver's chiropractic. It is very gentle but gets the job done like no one else I have ever seen.

Carol, Executive Assistant

Chiropractic Care Allowed My Body to Heal

I, like most, came into the office complaining of back/neck pain and headaches. I'd been to my PCP, a rolfer, and a podiatrist, and not until I began chiropractic care did my body begin to heal. My PCP only offered medication for my constant headaches, which at times made the pain go away, but didn't get to the root of the problem - a misaligned neck and spine. Through regular adjustments and stretching techniques, I have been headache free for a year and a half!

When I first came into MWC, I had already suffered multiple episodes of muscle spasms in my back, which again my PCP only offered medication as treatment. The medication got me through the acute episodes, but chiropractic care has allowed for long term results. Dr. Oliver has taught me how to properly stretch and strengthen my lower back and hips.

Through the modalities incorporated at Move Well Chiropractic,chiropractic adjustments, massage, and proper stretching and strengthening exercises, I have been able to continue on in my Tae Kwon Do and yoga practices. The most important thing I have learned from my time in chiropractic care is that if we treat our bodies well, we are greatly rewarded with good health, and I am grateful to be under their care.

Kerry, Pharmacist

Dr. Oliver Does More Than Just Crack Your Back!

I highly recommend going to see Dr. Oliver if you are looking for a chiropractor that does more than just "crack your back." He will not only do fantastic adjustments, he also offers practical advice and guidance on preventative care, maintenance, and long-term well being.

Since seeing Dr. Oliver in January 2011, I have experienced significant relief from my lower back pain and I have also learned how to better take care of my back so that I can maintain my results and avoid discomfort in the future.

Danielle, Office Worker

Chiropractic & Wellness Care

I started coming to Move Well Chiropractic last spring because of the occasional back and neck pain that I was experiencing from my job (I stand all day at work). Dr. Cintron (who I used to see) made me realize that what I considered to be my okay baseline health could be dramatically improved with weekly adjustments. I now feel much better,overall, and understand that I don't have to deal with weekly pain, anymore. Dr. Oliver now does my weekly alignments and has kept my back and neck feeling much better than it did a year ago.

Dr.Oliver has given me helpful information and advice on all aspects of my life. I also feel that he is more useful on providing general advice for injuries relating to my running than both my PCP or my orthopedist! He is very concerned with your overall health, and has recommended stretching and strengthening exercises for me to further improve my back and prevent injuries. I highly recommend him.

Susan, Pharmacist

Relief Finally!

I have had back pain for over a decade and have tried everything. Dr O is the first doctor who has ever truly helped me. Not only are his adjustments thorough and very helpful, his care is really focused on teaching how to take care of yourself and overall wellness. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for relief.

Brandon, Pharmacist

Impressed With My Progress

I had issues with my lower back and neck. I have been going to Move Well Chiropractic for about a year and a half. I feel fantastic... it is amazing. I am so impressed with the progress I have made with both my neck and lower back

Barb, Technical Associate

Dr. Oliver is Professional and He Listens

I occasionally visit Move Well Chiropractic due to a condition caused by my profession. As a teacher, I often sit in small chairs and find that my lower back suffers greatly. After my initial consultation and adjustment by Dr. Oliver, my lower back instantly felt much better. He also gives me suggestions for exercises that I can do at home. I am very impressed by his professionalism and willingness to listen. I would highly recommend Dr. Oliver to others.

Tricia, Teacher

Move Well Chiropractic is Wonderful

Move Well Chiropractic is wonderful. I work at a desk and suffer from lower back and neck pain. I went in for a recent consult and adjustment by Dr. Oliver. Immediately I was impressed by how he listened to my concerns. I also like the fact that he gives me exercises to do while at home in between office visits. Everyone in the office is very welcoming, the space is clean and Dr. Oliver is very personable.

Lauren, Office Worker

At Move Well Chiropractic, I feel comfortable

I can't say enough about my experience at Move Well Chiropractic. From the moment I called, I felt comfortable. Having never been to a chiropractor before, I had some questions as to what the experience would be like, and how the doctor could help me with my neck discomfort.

Dr. Oliver was willing to answer all of my questions both on the phone and in the office at my appointment. He made me feel comfortable, explaining each adjustment before it happened. I have and will continue to recommend this office to anyone that asks!

Brooke, Office Worker

Great Office, Great Doctor!

Dr. Oliver is wonderful. I've been getting treated by him now since he moved to Newton center and it's been a life-saver! I've suffered from back and neck pain, headaches and TMJ the majority of my life and since seeking chiropractic care I feel a million times better.

Dr. Oliver is very knowledgeable, down to earth, relate-able, honest.

I would highly recommend going to see him and if it's your first time ever going to a chiropractor, I'd certainly choose Move Well Chiropractic, hands-down!

Elizabeth, Receptionist/Yoga Instructor

Neck & Back Pain Relief

Dr. Oliver is really helping me with my neck and back. If I come in with a sore lower back, he adjusts it and I'm quickly better. I've really benefited from his chiropractic adjustments. We are also working on my flexibility - a number one concern for us boomers.


Finally found Relief for TMJ issues!!

Dr.Oliver is the best chiropractor doctor I can find in the greater Boston area. I had sever TMJ disorder and gradually it affected my shoulder and lower back...I was kind of desperate to find a good doctor to treat my condition. Before coming to see Dr.Oliver, I tried several other chiropractors in Brookline and Newton, also tried Acupuncture, and some other stuff. I guess each chiropractic doctor treats their patients differently. The technique or the way of Dr. Oliver is very effective and helpful. My condition improved a LOT!!! Now I feel I can get back to life. But I have a suggestion: be patient to deal with your chronic pain, it may include a life style change, with the help from a good doctor who can treat your pain, you will be able to get back to life much sooner.

Jian, Statistician

Highly recommend his care to all

I was thrilled that after my initial consultation that I was able to transition right into my first session. I immediately felt a huge change in an area that I was not able to access and release myself through exercise or any other form of body work. Dr. Oliver is a great listener and has a very quiet, gentle approach. The exercises he suggests between sessions are as beneficial as the adjustments, so it is well worth making the time to do them. The office is conveniently located in Newton with lots of available free parking. I highly recommend his care to all. Thank you for your help and such a consistently positive experience!

Debra B.

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